About this site

Startup Notes is literally a collection of notes and processes to help you run your startup. We try to put the content in layman's terms so that everyone can somehow benefit from this. The main reasoning is that, if you are a founder or part of the core team, you need to wear many hats.

Unfortunately, no one is an expert on wearing all those hats.

The content is based on over 10 years of working, running, and consulting startups in different niches, with a focus on tech startups.

We try to be as direct as possible and these recommendations, as we know, the cutthroat world of bootstrapping a startup, funding one, and dealing with investors is not fun.

The posts created are also based on day-to-day challenges, operational issues, and sometimes some technical insights on how to better handle these issues.

There is no corporate drama and bureaucracy here, no putting it nicely, just the sad truth.